1-800 Sisions – Coursework Example

Phone calling process and the response A call center is a crucial ingredient to the overall success of any organization. There are several procedural measures related to the actual process of handling a request, all of which are of an essence to the caller (customers), depending on how well the caller views the quality measure. A number of crucial factors involved in the phone calling process to Hilton Hotel call center that affected my perspective view on how the call was handled are mentioned below. First of which is the telephone etiquette that I observed that the general display to which telephone communication skills and etiquette were deployed was satisfactory. This is amidst the fact that public phone etiquette is not an overall call center measure, but rather, an individual gauge of performance. During the phone calling process I also got to notice that the knowledge and competence of the receiving party towards meeting the caller’s needs and, in general, the phone handling process was adept. In relation to this, the call centers availability was also prompt and highly active and the average processing time was recommendable all of which show how efficient the process was. The response to the phone call for an inquiry about the company’s vision was excellent. The receiver mentioned to me his identity and from that point forward gave a detailed explanation to the question so asked. This was done in a nutshell but still enabled me to be contented whatsoever. This was a good show on the receiver’s prowess towards handling such questions. The vision of this particular hospitality company was “To fill the earth with light and warmth of hospitality.”
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