4 TD HR Training, Development, And Career Management – Coursework Example

CAREER MANAGEMENT: When it comes to exploration of possible career paths, one seeks for the best option through option analysis and decision making, ultimately leads to career planning and finally the time approaches to implement the plans practically (Chuikai, 2012). I have been through the career planning process and seeing my chaste interest in business, I opted for business administration field. While attending the four years associate degree program, I unleashed my hidden interests and abilities which outshined my career growth especially when I entered in the professional arena. Being the graduate of business administration, I utterly knew to socialize and tackle the work situations and people from various ethnic groups. At that time, I assessed that only a paper cannot make you a good business professional but the interpersonal skills such as, decision making power, analytical skills, management, leadership, communication are counted most to be successful in this field. With my strong technical and educational background, I performed amazingly best at my career job, for which I was rewarded, appreciated and promoted at every stride.
Seeing my successful start of my career, I track my way to setup my personal business related to fabrics. As of the production sector requirement, one must know more than the customer services, which includes operations, supply chain, budget and finance, and equipment management. Eventually, I failed to integrate each department and implement the effective business policies. At that stage, I realized to obtain the MBA degree and weekly training programs to groom myself more like a corporate. By the in-depth course works I did in MBA, I realized the major changes need to be brought in my business, which included:
An effective communication process across the company to better understand the ideas of each other.
Integrate all the departments followed by corporate mission and vision.
Make information available to every employee and be responsive to their feedbacks.
I would suggest my fellows, who want to pursue the same career, that:
Obtain the MBA degree or other training programs to get an edge over others.
Attend the educational workshops/seminars to spruce your interpersonal skills
Participate in corporate trainee programs or internships
With timely and proper career management, I actually invested on myself proved to yield the greater returns.
Chuikai, Z. (2012). The Relationship between Individual Career Management and Career Plateau of Employees. Journal of Psychological Science, 4, 038.‏