A Day Out In London (Spanish Gcse) – Coursework Example

A Day out in London: Visiting London offers an unmatchable point of reference for most people. You can be assured of exciting places, and the rich history representing a holistic nature of events. Consequently, the critical composition of the glittering landscapes allows specific inclusion of notable royal attractions and the changing tunes of life. Usually, I prefer planning my day out far from the hustle and bustle of city life. For this I prefer spending my day at any peaceful countryside located at an hour’s drive from London; sometimes Winds or most of the times, it’s the Greenich.
It was a misty cloudy Sunday morning when I planned out to enjoy my day on the streets of London with my friend, Marry James. We planned for a usual stroll on the streets to get close to the life of London and the people walking here and there enjoying their day off from work and other busy routine.
I planned my day out with Marry who was so keen to see the sights of London. We planned to visit the places we never visited before. For the first hour, we spent our time doing the window shopping and for the second hour, we headed straight to visit the gigantic London Eye which is the largest observation wheel in the entire world. It was fun to watch the entire London from above. The experience was not only interesting but it was bit scary as well. It takes about 30 minutes to finish its one complete round. We had to wait for 30 more minutes to wait for our turn. As it was Sunday, therefore the waiting queues were longer than the usual days.
It was an exciting experience. The weather was mild and cloudy. I would say that, the day it was more fun to watch London from the above surrounded by clouds and misty fog. On our way back, we had fish and chips from a nearby café with cappuccinos. There were other varieties of different snacks as well but we preferred fish and chips because we thought this food is perfect to complement the cloudy weather.
I spent the rest of my day watching movie in my room. I believe it was the best day filled with so much joy and fun with my friend Marry. The only thing I don’t like about London is the cold weather.
In the end, I would say that I will definitely plan a day out with my best friend again in next year. It’s always fun to be with your friends while exploring different things in a big city like London. There are so many places on my list to visit in the next year. I am planning to visit art galleries, national museum and other historical places.