A New Paradigm For The Study Of Children – Coursework Example

A new paradigm for the study of children This article explores the contentious debate on the concept of childhood from sociology point of view. Various ideologies are advanced in respect of what the description of the child should be. The article gives diverse real life experiences that children go through and the ensuing societal challenges they face to come out of this age bracket. The sociological viewpoint of the author of this article emphasizes a paradigm which raises questions on what is true or false. According to the article, the social definition of childhood is overtaken by the western culture which is considered preferential in making informed comparison (Allison and Alan 30). While the issue of children is culturally centered, western scholars insist on making universal policies that protect children. Another critical emphasis of the article concerns setting age and reconsidering gender when it comes to the concept of childhood (Allison and Alan 37). While different societies set different age brackets and gender for one to be deemed a child, a paradigm shift means there need to be uniformity across the world.
In my opinion, the author seems to tackle a very sensitive topic considering the pathetic circumstances in which society has always exposed children. War, hunger, lack of education and parental care, early marriages, child labor and other child abuses need an in-depth sociological research to resolve. It is high time universality in terms of childhood age and gender aspect is taken into account. This would boost the moral responsibility and accountability of the society in protecting the rights of the child. It is therefore important that intensive research and multidimensional consultation be undertaken to effectively achieve the goals of this paradigm on childhood.
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