A Progress Report About Operation Training For S-Chem Company – Coursework Example

Operation Training Report Operation Report about Training for S-Chem Company Project Overview This project or training for S-Chem Company is to be done in three phases, each of which will be handled by three different groups (Jablonski 2002). These groups are; the first team, second and third. The essence of dividing the project into three phases is to improve the completion time for the project. At the same time, it is to ensure that all team members are engaged in the project fully, and the output per group member is high.
2. Work Completed
Currently, the first phase of Operation Training for this Company is completed which entailed identifying all the staff were to be trained. This process turned out to be successful since the group involved was active in the process. Also, the staff being trained in this Company cooperated with their trainers.
3. Work in Progress
To date, the work in progress is phase two of the Operation Training for S-Chem Company. The involved group is ready to pick up from where the first group left. Arrangements on how to commence with the third phase of Operation Training in S-Chem Company are also underway. With the first phase of this training being completed, it will be easier for the rest of the training to take a start.
4. Work to be Completed
Basically, the works that are to be completed in the coming weeks are phases two and three of Operation Training for S-Chem Company. This is the last bit of this project that is yet to be finished but plans to complete are in place. In due time, these tasks will be completed as required.
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