Abstract On Markrting – Coursework Example

on Marketing The marketing arena today has taken new heights into becoming a huge channel through which companies get their products to be known to consumers. We shall be looking at some marketing agendas that have become a topic of discussion in main stream media.
According to Steve McKee the Business Week, consumers are becoming highly fragmented. This is due to the vast number of television networks, print titles, radio stations and outdoor billboards which compete for attention, as well as other apps and other marketing stunts which emerge every day. In the end, the fragmentation of consumers causes no idea or message to actually get through. Steve also mentioned a counter to this, namely integration. What this infers is that companies communicate with their consumers on a consistent identity from message to message.
Another example of a marketing strategy, published by Kevin Clark of Wall Street Journal, is where the NFL take on the task of attempting to fill in its stadium seats. Strategy involves allowing stadium viewers to watch those controversial instant replays which only referees were initially allowed to see. They also plan to introduce wireless internet in every stadium, as well as apps that would allow fans to listen to what players with microphones were saying during a game.
In order to succeed in getting its products known to the general public, marketing strategies needs to be adapted to the current environment for any company. This, in addition with great products and service, will allow only those companies to get through which provide the best value products .
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