Ambulatory Care – Coursework Example

AMBULATORY CARE Ambulatory care is often a wide range of medical procedures as well as services that are carried out on an outpatient basis. In the recent years, ambulatory care has skyrocketed and revenues resulting from ambulatory care have been on a greater rise than those generated from inpatient care (Barnett & Mayer, 2012). The main factor for that shift is advances in technology that has enabled healthcare professionals to perform a greater number of procedures safely and efficiently on an outpatient basis. The second factor for the shift is diversification of risk. Ambulatory care offers high-quality and safe care at reduced costs. Operating ambulatory care is less expensive than inpatient care (Barnett & Mayer, 2012). Ambulatory care incurs less operating costs. The third factor is the changing demand for health services. People demand high-quality and easily accessible healthcare. Ambulatory care centers are conveniently located and are easily accessible to patients as well as to physicians. Ambulatory care centers offer a full range of services at lower cost as a result of operational efficiencies.
Ambulatory care has diverse implications on the stakeholders. First, it saves the consumers or patients both money and time as they do not incur additional expenses in hospitalization as well as time in hospitals after treatment (Barnett & Mayer, 2012). Due to the increase in ambulatory care, hospital revenues have been on the decrease. Ambulatory acre centres have reduced overhead costs because they have reduces amount of unneeded supplies and space in the facilities. They have increased the pressure on physicians to act with high degree of professionalism and integrity due to increased demand for high-quality care (Barnett & Mayer, 2012). Finally, increase in ambulatory is likely to cause competition between physicians and hospitals as to who has the right to provide pharmaceutical services to the ambulatory patients. This adds the urgency to minimize such confrontation.
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