American Family – Coursework Example

American Family According to Denovan’s article , the value of American family has been deteriorating significantly since 1960s. Most people develop negative attitude towards marriages and, as a result, lead to the separation of families as well as low rate of occurrence of marriages among young people. Apart from marrying later in life, the article also asserts that the majority of the Americans love cohabitating. Cohabitation has made marriages lack any significant meaning in the society. The author of the article claims that with exponential growth of cohabitation practice, majority of the Americans overlook their roles in their respective marriages. Divorce levels have also rinsed; majority of the Americans do not want to live together as families. Currently, the birth of children is not associated with the coming together of father and mother (Denovan, 2011). This is evidenced by the fact that there are a significant number of children born out of wedlock. It is also evident that the majority of the Americans live singly as parents. Additionally, the author claims that the financial penalty taxes also contribute significantly to the new definition of a family in America. According to him, majority of the Americans prefer living apart so as to evade marriage taxes (Denovan, 2011).
Denovan also asserts that a change in definition of the term family has also changed the way children were reared in the past. According to him, the responsibility of rearing children is not societal as in the past. It is as a result of this that many children suffer psychologically. As depicted in the article, majority of the children in the U.S are also raised by single parents. It is also evidenced in the article that the majority of the children in the U.S. suffer from economic insecurity as a result of the separation of their parents. From this assertion, one can deduce that the role of educating children is also not communal as in the past. Currently, every child is taken care of by his or her parent.
Donovan, C. (2011). “A Marshall Plan for Marriage: Rebuilding Our Shattered Homes.” The Heritage Foundation. Retrieved from rebuilding-our-shattered-homes