Analysis Of Existing Prospectus – Coursework Example

Academic Quality Review al Affiliation Summary of Academic Quality Review The purpose of this paper is to present a succinct, yet comprehensive review of the doctoral dissertation paper, and in particular the overall score of the prospectus, the rationale for the overall score and an evaluation of the writing used in the document. The introduction segment of the dissertation prospectus paper can be awarded a score of two, as it provides a nip into the discussion that will ensue in the body of the paper. However, it fails to be awarded all the three points as it is short of giving the reader the thesis statement. The background of the problems sections also deserves two points, and fails to get all three points due to information gaps within the section. Similarly, the literature review sections can only be awarded two points as it lacks comprehensive literature materials. The problem statement is precise and tends to provide a solution to the situation that is being discussed in the paper, and hence deserves all the three points. The research questions deserve the three points as they are written within the expected style and format. Overall, the prospectus deserves a combined 40 points as it meets the quality as well as expected content demanded at the level.
The writing style and language used in the prospect is quite exquisite with very limited instances in which the writer potentially moves towards skirting around the object. In addition, the quality of the data collected and the manner in which they are presented seem satisfactory. The APA referencing style both within the paper and the bibliography section are also in tandem to the generally required style.