Andrew Jackson Scavenger Hunt – Coursework Example

Andrew Jackson Scavenger Hunt The website analyzed is known as “Andrew Jackson - 7th President of the United States” and it is written by Martin Kelly who proclaims himself as an American history expert. The information is retrieved from the following website: The website is hosted by under the section of about education.
The website in discussion provides history of Andrew Jackson in a shortened biographical manner. It presents information about his family and personal life from the time of birth to his political career’s ups and downs and finally his post presidential period and death. The information is however brief and provides simply highlights of the most controversial issues in his presidency and which threatened his leadership and career altogether. Some of the highlights mentioned include the nullification issue in 1832 between him and the southern states particularly South Carolina. The details including the date match those of other reliable documents.
The information provided by the website coincides with that provided in several of his biographies and history books which are peer reviewed. The information is not exaggerated or even underplayed in any way and even the dates provided are truthful and hence providing good reason to trust the website. The website may not disclose its references but there is no faulty information that it has provided leading to one to trust the writer as truly an expert on American history. The hosts of the website even though they are not peer reviewed yet, are renowned to write on various subjects and hence can be believed a little bit.
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