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A computer is an electronic machine that works on information passed to it from its memory. It is divided into external devices and internal devices. The external devices are further divided into input and output devices.
External input devices include;
A mouse
A PC camera
External output devices are:
A monitor
Basic components of a computer
Central processing unit
Power unit supply
Random access memory,
Hard drive
Expansion card
Sound card
It is a process of erasing all data in a computer, which the user does not want to use anymore. Formatting is done from a compact disk, a flash drive and is done from the command prompt.
Question 3 difference between the types of computer storage
Primary storage is the main memory and it is the directly read by the central processing unit. It stores actively operated on the data.
Secondary storage is an external storage that the computer does not access the storage directly, but through an input channel and connects to the primary storage through an intermediate.
Off-line storage is a medium of storage where a computer user introduces a device to the computer, but the Computer Processing Unit does not control it.
Portable storage devices
Secure digital memory cards- are small storage cards used in digital cameras or phones to hold or transfer data.
Cloud storage- this is an internet storage facility and the most convenient way of saving and transferring of data.
USB flash drive- these are small rewritable storage devices used to store data for transfer to another computer.
How a hard disk works
This is a storage device used to retrieve and store digital information, data connected to rotating disk covered with a magnetic plate. The plate is paired to magnetic heads arranged to a rotating arm that reads and writes notes on the plates. Data is retrieved through an orderly manner. The disk saves its data even when the computer is switched off.
Work of an operating system
The main work of the operating system is to provide a stable way for the software applications to mingle with hardware part. It manages the hardware and software on the computer to share the applications of the central processing unit for storage and input and output application.
Effects of software piracy
Piracy is the download of software from illegal websites without payment and it is also the buying of duplicated software copies. Its effects on the economy include the illegal sharing of the pirated software. It withdraws the sales of the genuine products of the companies.
Its effects on the business is that the companies that use the legitimate products are in for a higher cost compared to those that use the pirated copies hence business is altered in a negative way.
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