APPLE In China – Coursework Example

Apple In China Chinese workers working in the giant electronic firm Apple are being unfairly treated. Case in point is that they are exposed to harsh working conditions with little regard for their safety and the working environment. Ideally, the firm focuses its attention on the products other than taking into consideration the welfare of its employees in China. The revelation that some of the employees have in the past lost their lives after being exposed to chemical substances is shocking. It is immoral and unethical for Apple to treat the workers in unfairly fashion just because their focus is on productivity (Duhig & Barboza). Even though most industries unfairly treats its workers, Apple has a responsibility to take care of its employees without undue compromise.
The manner in which workers are treated in China has fundamentally changed my attitude towards Apple and, therefore, affects my decision to purchase its product. Abuse of workers and the creation of a global sweatshop economy is inevitable with a capitalist economy. However, there are higher chances of labor uprising in China in the coming years. Case in point is that as workers continue to suffer in the hands of the factory owners, it is more likely that a movement will arise. Essentially, the movement would be aimed at changing the tides against harsh working conditions in multiple factories (Duhig & Barboza 2012).
Apple is a global brand that all companies would wish to emulate. The U.S. market has lost out on the IPhone market because of poor working conditions and search for cheap labor (Duhig &Bradsher 2012). If Apple is dedicated to changing the welfare of its employees, it is possible that the rest of the factories can start a positive improvement of workers welfare.
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