Architecture: Comments Of A Picturesque Stroll Around "Clara-Clara" – Coursework Example

due: Architecture: comments of A Picturesque Stroll around Clara-Clara Richard Serra is a minimalist sculptor artist,born in 1939. He is widely known for his fine works of steel. His ability to come up with beautiful sculptures made of steel which are malleable and can be reworked continuously. His first piece of work was made of fibreglass and rubber. Serra reviews the present sculpture making and the past. He gives his opinion and criticizes the architect’s works. He tries to remind them the basics of sculpture making.
Comments of a Picturesque Stroll around Clara-Clara
In A picturesque stroll around Clara-Clara, Bois & Shepley (1984) compare the picturesque quality in the 1980’s and the present (p. 33-62). Additionally, Bois & Shepley (1984) view the present artwork as mediocre since the sculptures are purely designed for the offices. This is different from the 80’s where the architect could go to the field and design the plan. They go ahead and give the example of English gardens which are not picturesque enough. The gardens are organized in such a manner that they neglect intricacy and variety (Bois & Shepley 43). Bois & Shepley (1984) view, the architects lack the spirit to come up with picturesque plans and sculptures. They give pictorial examples from his work and compare it with other sculptor artist’s work. Through this, he can point out the differences in the sculptures.
Although, Bois & Shepley (1984 view the works of architects as mediocre, he fails to understand that there has been an evolution in architecture over the two centuries. They should put into consideration these facts. Thus, the architects should try to merge the past and present theories, so as to come up with fine works of art.
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