Article Describing An Organizational Decision Resulting In A World Changing Outcome – Coursework Example

Organizational Decisions and their Impact al Affiliation) The Grameen Foundation had an idea of incorporating cell phones for the provision of health information to poor patients in different parts of developing nations. It later developed a software platform used by many organizations to address various health concerns. Mobile Technology for Community Health (MOTECH) is the software platform (“an international nonprofit becomes a software developer”). The organization uses various data collection methods such as questionnaires to gather information about the needs of various people. Once the field workers complete the survey, they send the responses to the organization through cell phones or computers with the aid of the software. This creates awareness to the organizations and aid in the decision making process. To explain further, the information helps the organizations to develop programs that serve the communities’ needs based on reliable evidence. The software platform has helped in the improvement of global health towards the achievement of Grameen Foundation’s missions.
The decisions are world changing because the organization developed the programs through constant planning. Precisely, it took three years for the organization to develop the program since the inception of the idea. The software links various organizations with the individuals regardless of their location. They are able to determine the needs of different communities globally through the development of great interpersonal relations aided by the software (Booher & Booher, 2013).
As a world changer, this example has helped me draw insights on the need for effective communication. Information needs to be conveyed at a high speed to enable organizations to timely devise strategies for the implementation of action for a particular global problem. Finally, the attainment of organizational goals takes the cooperation of an organization with various stakeholders.
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