ASSIGNMENT SIX – Coursework Example

Assignment Six Family systems theory was developed by Dr Bowen, the theory suggests that people cannot be understood in silence, but rather as part of the family since they are an emotional unit. The theory is meant to support the interest and development of family mediation (Regina 3). Individuals cannot be understood in isolation since the family is part of a system that composed of interconnected and interdependent persons. Bowen’s theory describes crucial aspects of family and individual functioning by addressing human behavior through a web of emotional process linked to all human beings (Regina 3). Every family constituent has a function to perform and rules to abide to. Individuals are supposed to relate to each other in a particular manner according to their role that is determined by their relationships. Such family systems theories have an effect in American families whereby such changing and dynamic roles help to maintain stability in families. Maintaining the same patterns has also been attributed to help develop behaviors that may lead to balance in the family set up. However, such patterns have also been at the heart of family dysfunction.
Career counseling process involves a tailor made process for individuals to find and determine their own career direction. An individual may spend a number of sessions with a psychologist. S-13 career counseling requires understanding the intricacies of career development strategy and career counseling. Drug abuse rehabilitation centers have been major employers of counselors over the years. They help people who are addicted to a drug and other substances. Initially, they offer group treatment, but also regularly offer individual counseling. However, this is not without a myriad of challenges and other issues. Some addicts resist interventions to help them reform their ways, they openly reject and turn down education and information on drugs and other substance abuse and their impact on one’s health and social relations with family members and other societal members.
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