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[Teacher’s In summation, one can clearly see the symbiotic relationship that exists between the environment and the economy of Indiana. The relationship between these two factors makes the ecological system and biodiversity in Indiana essential for the survival of the community. The natural resources in Indiana are what attracted many settlers to this area historically. As one can see on the NAICS sector, there numerous business activities that involve the use of biodiversity (Ball State University, n.p). Areas such as crop farming, fishing and hunting and agricultural and forestry are all areas with high demand growth and import change. Hence, diversity and preservation is necessary to sustain these industries and ensure that resources are not exhausted. Many sub sectors also depend on this factor. An example of this is medicinal and botanical manufacturing which requires different plants. Already, individuals have begun to overuse these resources as well as pollute and destroy some areas, resulting in the decrease in biodiversity. This is a worrying sign as many sectors that require this factor will begin to reduce in their level of business. A reduction in business will lead to a rise in the numbers of unemployed individuals as many people will be cut off. As illustrated in the pie chart, the employment sector in biosciences is diverse and involves many other industries which will all be affected by a disturbance in biodiversity (Ball State University, n.p). Hence, ecological systems and biodiversity support well being by providing commodities for different sectors as well as employment opportunities for members of the community.
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