Board Discussion – Coursework Example

Nursing: discussion board Florence Nightingale Present day nursing is complicated, multi focused and ever changing. Nevertheless, from the era of Florence Nightingale, the objective of nursing has remained the same; provision of a caring and safe environment that upholds patient health and comfort. Efficient utilization of an interpersonal instrument such as advocacy, improves the care-offering environment .Thus Nightingale contributed advocacy during her time leading to the improvement of several public health systems both in India and England. These have further been replicated in other countries such as modern nursing hospitals in the US. In addition, through her numerous publications and letters (about nursing and human rights) that have survived, it is possible to single out her techniques as well as her professional objectives. Nightingale particularly valued unrestricted human rights and came up with leadership principles as well as practices that offer helpful advocacy techniques for US nurses working in the 21st century. Nightingale’s nurse training techniques have spread throughout the word, in addition to making nursing an admirable and noble profession. Nightingale’s concepts on enhancement of care have continued to assist hospitals worldwide, including the US.
Because of nightingale’s work, our hospitals are now clean and the sick are cared for in a better manner. Moreover, nursing has never been easy and through Nightingale’s advocacy efforts, advocacy has now been embraced as a professional construct. Advocacy encompasses a complex interaction amongst patients, nurses, professional colleagues as well as the general public. Consequently, Nightingale’s nursing experiences expressed to her the importance of advocating for both patients and nurses. Her creativity can be applied in today’s health care challenge through, special leadership training for nurses, as well as the significance of sanitation as well as disease prevention. Thus, just like her, we can embrace an egalitarian value structure and utilize other leadership techniques to bring about change in nursing. I think nightingale would recommend that I treat my patients with more dignity than the one I have. She would challenge me and my colleagues to prioritize dignity, putting it at the centre of everything that we intend to do. This is because where there is no dignity in care, patients feel undervalued, embarrassed and humiliated.
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