Business Ethics – Coursework Example

What type of justice does Rawls theory focus on? How relevant is this for Australia and Korea today? Rawl’s type of justice focuses on merit justiceand redistributive justice. Merit justice prescribes to reward a person depending on his contribution to society while redistributive justice states that government ought to redistribute wealth to promote equality. Rawl’s theory of justice is grounded on social contract that mandates that each of one has a duty to help others who are in need (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy nd).
Rawl’s theory of justice is applicable to almost all societies as it seek to promote merit and justice that aims to promote brotherhood among the members of society and end its inequality through its redistribution mechanism. It is relevant among Australians as it seeks to reward those who have initiative and works the hardest. The absence or the marked reduction of poor people in the streets of Australia is a byproduct of Rawl’s theory of justice as the government takes care of Australians who have less by at least taking them off the street. The expenses associated with it came from the taxes of those who can afford and then redistribute it to those who have less.
In Korea, particularly the South, Rawl’s theory of society is very compatible to the Korean’s collective culture where they seek to help other in times of need. The government need not even intervene because it is already inherent in the culture of Koreans. During the struggling days of Korea, everyone worked hard to contribute to build their country while helping other Koreans in the process so that the country will become to what it is now today.
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