Business Ethics And Personal Ethics – Coursework Example

Business and Personal Ethics Business and Personal Ethics Business ethics is based on a particular company and driven by need tomake a conscious decision when at deadlock. It is viewed as the prescribed set of behavior and conduct followed by businesses in their operations (Ruddell, 2004, p. 165). It is a common knowledge that a business execute operations and behaviors that are standardly and conventionally rated as right with regard to employees, customers, the community as well as management. Business are profit oriented entities hence greed to achieve may shutter ethics upholding.
An example is Fall of Enron with respect to financial system and luck of business ethics. On the other hand, personal ethics is understood to be a particular person’s beliefs on what is righteous. It is not universal by varies per individual. An example is one strong belief on being transparent and accountable driven by need to be truthful. There is an inevitable relationship between business and personal ethics; personal ethics has influence on business ethics as business ethics are human-driven.
A dilemma exist where business ethics falls short of personal ethics. An experience is an activity deemed ethical based on business does not match personal ethics. Difference crops in based on a particular personal view on both personal and business ethics. Better work-life balance calls for harmonious relationship between the two ethics (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell, 2010, p. 125). A person’s ethics might determines whether to obey business ethics. An employee who feels the business activities of charging high prices to consumers differs with such activities.
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