Can Cellular Biology Be Based On Biblical Scripture – Coursework Example

Cellular Biology and Biblical Scripture Cellular Biology and Biblical Scripture The researcher intends to show whether there are tangible grounds to link assertions of scripture and biological elements with respect to scientific methods both in scripture and grounds taken by scientists. Inference is to be strictly made to unearth interconnectedness of facts in the scripture and scientist view (John & Judith, 1988, p.111). Several examples in the bible points at similar procedures scientist apply to reach conclusions in cellular biological studies. Elements such as principles of evidence as indicated in Acts 26:26 matches the foundations upon which scientists deduce conclusions during cellular biological study. Observation is also attached to biological experiments and this is also rooted in Luke 7:22.
Scientists are driven by testing and proving of observed elements and this can as well be supported in second Corinthians 13:5. Theories as studied in biology during deductions to explain the general nature of things and phenomenon is also supported by the scripture (Ketley & Konkel, 2005, p.123). Other elements such as logic, facts, falsifiability and corrections and presumptions are all supported by the scripture. The discussion points at the endorsement of scientific method by the scripture. It would have been inevitable by scientists to discover and study cells without the inference of the elements endorsed by bible such as observation.
The use of microscopic devices have revealed how cell multiply and the arrangements of cells that are all in line with the scripture. Biological experiments are based on facts and figures that are tested and deduction made. There exists a twin connection between the biological view and the scripture based on the study and the understanding of the cellular biology. One would be wrong to conclude that there are conflicts between biblical scripture and scientific methods.
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