Career Plan Outline Peer Review – Coursework Example

Career Plan Outline Peer Review Layout, additional information and improvements to the Career Plan Outline The career plan layout does not satisfy parallelism. The headings do not share a similar structure. On the other hand, the sentences under each heading or subheadings are not fully-developed. Sexton has used abbreviations in some sentences; she should have used full names or words instead of abbreviations, "Home care DME" (III. B. 1). Some of the sentences used by the writer are unclear. Instead of writing, "Part time classroom instructor/ not clinical in addition to full time career," she should have noted that, "Instruct part time in a classroom setting, non-clinical, in addition to my full time career." By using more simplified wording, she will ensure that are points are not misinterpreted.
In the first part of her Career Plan outline, she should clearly indicate her experience by noting her years of experience in practice. This enables her realize and evaluate her career goals and objectives. It also assists her find out which of her careers past experiences excited most. Through finding out her best experiences; she can be able to select the best course she can undertake to make her future experience more exciting. She seems as an outdoor person who does not enjoy an office or classroom setting, but she notes nurse educator degree as her professional goal (SGV 2014). The goal seems misplaced because most nurse education takes place in a classroom setting. Masters’ in Public Health would be the most suitable educational goal. Additionally, she should have used one of the two acceptable formats according to the APA Manual (6th edition).
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