Career Reflection – Coursework Example

CAREER REFLECTION Affiliation Career reflection A job posting of my dream and interest after graduation is Walmart stores especially on the e-Commerce sector. As a network analyst, I will take interest in the programming, system administration, IT analysis and software engineering and data science. Working in Silicon Valley is consistent with the qualification that I have as a network analyst and is the area of interest primarily to work as web-related function such as purchase data analysis and the search engine design.
Working as purchase data analyst makes more sense in my career path after going through the entire education system of computer science that is so involving. I like working with challenging part of computer science as if search engine design, and I will welcome the chance after graduation.
So far, I have set the strategies of my job searching strategies that may turn to be a success. I have developed networks across the possible area that interest me like Walmart. My LinkedIn account is always updated and connected with other people that have a profile in the same profession. This makes my chances to be wide to get the jobs that are advertised making the application easier and timely.
The history and profile of Walmart present chances of being my destiny as Network analyst. Applying for the internship in Walmart is the first move in getting a job with them since they absorb interns with better job prospects permanently. The goals of the company are not only based on profit making but training better computer scientist that intern with them. Such goals are in tandem with my dreams and determination. Adding a bit of my leadership and team building skill will be an added advantage in the company (Patton & McMahon, 2014).
Patton, W., & McMahon, M. (2014). Career development and systems theory: Connecting theory and practice. New York: Springer