Caring For The Mentally Ill Offenders – Coursework Example

Caring for Mentally Ill Offenders Caring for Offenders who are Mentally Ill Rehabilitating and treating offenders with an acute mental illness have been a significant concern for both mental health and criminal justice systems. Despite this concern, little research has been carried out to find specific treatment programs for this large population. Still, many practitioners and researchers have pointed out the best practices and treatment that should be influenced by not only the knowledge gained from research, but also by ethical considerations.
First, Anthony requires more than just mental health treatment to decrease his risk of recidivism. Research (Vanderloo & Butters, 2012), shows that, similar to the non-mentally-ill offenders, offenders who suffer from mental illness have criminogenic needs, which must be the focus of treatment for Anthony to decrease the risk of future criminal behavior (Vanderloo & Butters, 2012). Anthony’s parents must focus on the treatment and identification of mental illness, which may recur and lead him to commit more criminal offenses.
Secondly, Anthony should be screened and frequently assessed for mental health to establish any improvement of deterioration in his mental health. Such an assessment and screening will facilitate a timely identification and treatment of the patient in case another problem is identified. By addressing the special needs of Anthony, improvements can be made to both recidivism outcomes and mental health functioning (Vanderloo & Butters, 2012). He should also comply with all the medications he was prescribed to while in Wraparound Milwaukee because not completing his medication may cause the mental disorder to recur again.
Anthonys case is a superb example, which must be used as a model for other mentally ill offenders. The basis of this argument is that if Anthony were not placed on the best medical practices when he was in Wraparound Milwaukee, his mental disorder would not have been treated. Therefore, other mentally ill offenders should be diagnosed before being subjected to special treatment and care to ensure that they are prescribed to correct medication as per their mental illness.
Vanderloo, J., & Butters, P. (2012). Treating Offenders with Mental Illness:A Review of the Literature. London: Spring Publishers.