Categories And Functions Of Sound – Coursework Example

Sound Sound is an important aspect of any film production for the integral role it plays in giving a detailed explanation of the story being told. Sounds tell the story in any film production a role which is well complimented by the actions on the stage. Sound is conceptualized in film in three categories. Dialogue validates the speaker and gives life to the content expressed in the film (Harper, 2009). Sound effects on the other hand enhance the level of reality in a film.
Secondly, sound effects add illusion in movies enabling the audience to experience an event that does not exist (Jaeckle, 2013). Music enhances some level of emotion which is intentionally created to sway the audience to a predetermined direction. In the film Frozen, the selection of the song ‘let it go’ gives an indication of Elsa’s resolution to use her gift. The sound track is used in a section of the film to showcase Elsa’s departure creates a feeling of sympathy and anguish in relation to her experiences (Buck, 2014). The same theme is expressed in Elsa’s dialogue with Anna as she expresses her dissatisfaction.
Sound communicates directly with the audience and gives an indication of the nature of the scene with no decoding involved. The sound in the ‘Frozen’ creates a somber mood as the characters try to come into terms with their differences. The film uses a particular range of effects that are controlled and uniform through the film, creating some reality in the film. The effects are expected, which reinforces the theme and enhances the reality aspect of the film. An omission of sound effects and music would eliminate the degree of reality expressed in the film, and further jeopardize the articulation of the theme.
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