CHAPTER 10 – Coursework Example

06 Jun A Summary of Critical and Sympathetic Views of Hezbollah Turkish Hezbollah was formed in the mid-1980s as a government’s secret weapon against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). PKK, which had been established to seek for independence of the Kurdistan, embarked on guerilla war tactics killing civilian populations in mass massacres and later targeting government security forces and the economy. The government responded by launching a counter-offensive operation against the PKK and its allies. In the process, the Turkish government secretly supported Hezbollah to counter the PKK. However, Hezbollah ventured into businesses and other activities that were perceived as non-Islamic. It kidnapped and tortured Muslim businessmen who did not support it. Some critics argue that by creating Hezbollah, the Turkish government created an internal jihadist problem with damaging effects to the country. Young people from Turkey enrolled in religious schools and military training in Pakistani and returned to the country to further an Islamic agenda. They resulted into Muslim jihad movements with some of them closely associating with the al Qaeda. One of these movements was headed by Habib Akdas who was an operative of Osama bin Laden in Turkey. He targeted the interests of United Sates and Israel in Turkey such as American Embassy and U.S. air base in Turkey. Since the original targets proved unreachable, Habib Akdas resulted to suicide bombing in Istanbul killing many Muslims. This provoked public anger (White 238-240).
The formation of Hezbollah to counter Kurdistan Workers Party was ill-informed. It is illegitimate for a government to offer secret support to a militia group to fight another militant group. In this context, the idea of establishing Hezbollah eventually backfired as it turned into a terrorist group with close association with the al Qaeda. Hezbollah even bombed Turkish territories killing civilians. Therefore, it is the conclusion of this article that it was the formation of Hezbollah was inappropriate and unacceptable.
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