Child Geniuses – Coursework Example

Teacher Pros and Cons of Child geniuses The article in question talks about child geniuses who entered into a more adult level of study at MSU at an early age. The article traces their lives and where they ended up. Two other cases are cited where child intellectual prodigies are still studying at MSU. The article ends on a progressive note where the betterment of civilization is mentioned.
An obvious advantage that these individuals face is that of an early entry point into society, academia, and eventually professional careers. The phrase ‘fast forwarded life’ fits here aptly. But the negative aspects of the psychological stresses placed on such individuals remains ignored, though hints of it are present in the subtext of the article. ‘It was like having "40,000 brothers and sisters."’
Child development is a long and crucial social as well as physical process through which individuals pass through. These child geniuses skipped many phases in between and landed themselves in a place where they were intellectually equipped but not physically and socially to their surroundings. Keeping Piaget’s stages of development in mind, we know that these individuals would have managed to adjust themselves in a position similar to ‘damage control’ in order to survive.
Another aspect, which may be a pro for some individuals and con for others, is the domain of childhood experience. In order to live a ‘normal’ life, which some of these prodigies desire, a normal childhood is needed with a sustained family life. This is something which differs radically for these individuals, who are forced to ‘grow up’ in these varied surroundings.