Clinical – Coursework Example

work, Psychology Clinical al Affiliation) Chapter 3 ification and Diagnosis. Summary Abnormal Psychology is a field that highly utilizes the importance and use of diagnosis as an important element of solving various anomalies found in the human anatomy. Many clinicians have been able to come up with a system that involves the classification of psychopathologies which has been agreed upon. The classification involves the listings of various causes and their related treatments, a mechanism that can facilitate the various doctors to be able to perform references and conduct diagnosis (Hunsley & Lee, 2010).
What is DSM?
It is a short form of the term Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders. It refers to a universally accepted and official scheme of classification that has been adopted by the professionals in the mental health sector (Hunsley & Lee, 2010). It forms a way in which doctors can easily collaborate to come up with a diagnosis. The system makes diagnosis and treatment fast processes.
What are the novel features of DSM?
The current DSM has a multiaxial organization. For every diagnosis that is made and performed by a clinician, the patient’s condition must be described in relation to the formed five dimensions. The novel feature is therefore viewed as a tool through which various multidimensional and important descriptions that concern the mental state of a patient are described (Hunsley & Lee, 2010). Therefore, the multiaxial diagnosis becomes a key feature in the patient state description.
What are the shortcomings of DSM?
The criteria which the categorical classification system has adopted is subject to be justifiable. The yes-no approach that the system adopts towards diagnosis prevents the continuity that exists between abnormal and normal behavior. The system puts behavior in a continuum. Therefore, an unresolved issue between dimensional and categorical classification exists (Hunsley & Lee, 2010). Moreover, the validity and reliability of the diagnostic categories of the DSM have been a subject of criticism.
Hunsley, J., & Lee, C. M. (2010). Introduction to clinical psychology: An evidence-based approach. John Wiley & Sons.