Cognitive Psychology – Coursework Example

Cognitive Psychology Cognitive Psychology Q. Chapter 8, Page 240 Activities that I engage in to improve my grades include studying immediately the course outline is given and using memorization techniques. Selecting among depends on the time left before I sit for the exam. I engage in hill climbing when exam is nearing and use memorization techniques to help me learn the course concept. When exam time is far, I engage in means-end analysis and study a little bit prior to the test.
Q. Chapter 9, Page 271
Learning specific moves and learning how to search enable the chess experts to analyze and assess all the possible strategies of winning the game. These types of learning relate to the concept of tactical and strategic learning since they allow the chess experts to recognize any meaningful board configurations and then make moves of high quality.
Q. Chapter 10, Page 296
Conclusion was followed in the syllogism. The participants who gave the answers that all gourmets are shopkeepers or all shopkeepers are bowlers gave the right answers since conclusion was drawn from two assumed or given premises, which share the term shopkeepers. Therefore, the rest of the participants did not provide the right answers.
Q. Chapter 11, Page 320
In 1980’s having a Down syndrome baby was quite disturbing to the couple. Calculating the expected value of getting a Down syndrome baby, thus helped to prepare the couple mentally to accept it. The couple can make a decision to terminate the baby. I agree with the recommendation because it makes the couple aware of the chance of having a Down syndrome baby.
Anderson, J. R. (2010). Cognitive Psychology and Its Implications: Seventh Edition. New York: Worth Publishing.