Coming To America (outline) – Coursework Example

Module Coming to America – Outline Thesis ment Having witnessed firsthand the American way of life, I can confidently that the United States is indeed the land of the free. I have never felt as free and liberated in my life as I have during my time in the country. As a country, America is very accommodating, safe, and conducive for people of all ages.
I. Freedom in the United States
A. The freedoms provided for in the US constitution are guaranteed in word and in deed (Myers and Myers 23).
B. The freedom of expression is the most guarded freedom in the United States. People are given the time and space to criticize and to voice their opinions.
C. As the constitution states, in America all men are equal and nobody is discriminated against using institutions and instruments of power. The government holds equality in high regard.
II. Quality of Life in the United States
A. With so many industries manufacturing every product one can imagine, and the large market provided by millions of consumers, the cost of basic commodities in the United States is lower than in most countries.
B. The quality of products and services offered is of a very high standard because competition is very stiff (Myers and Myers 48).
C. The government and the private sector ensure that products and services are well distributed and accessible to all citizens.
III. Cultural Diversity
A. There are many races and people of different backgrounds, creating an accommodating atmosphere for all peoples (Myers and Myers 29).
B. Cultural diversity is a unifying factor across the country.
C. Cultural diversity manifests and is promoted in sports, entertainment, politics, and education.
IV. Conclusion
A. America is one of the freest places to live in. My time there has been not only eye-opening but also very productive.
B. The high levels of freedoms, cultural diversity and quality of life the United States offers are testament to the strong institutional foundations established by the founding fathers (Myers and Myers 37).
C. The country should enact more policies to safeguard its diversity and freedoms and protect future generations.
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