Community Efforts AndManaging PublicRrelatios – Coursework Example

Nestle Social Corporate Responsibility Nestle is a food and beverage company that has its headquarters in Switzerland. The company has for years won various awards due to its involvement in social corporate responsibility. In the year 2013, the company was nominated as one of top ten companies in the world that actively gives back to the society (Nestlé tops global corporate responsibility survey). The company has over the years helped address global issues that affect the world and that most companies have ignored.
The world is facing climatic changes in the form of global warming. The effects of the global warming are showing up as the sea water levels are rising, and most parts of the world are now having inadequate supply of water. My love for the environment has made me notice the efforts nestle making to stop global warming. This helps preserve the environment for the future generation. The company is also involved in activities aimed at addressing the water challenges by sinking boreholes in the third world countries. This has helped millions of people gain access to clean water without walking for long distances in search of clean water. This has also helped the company in some ways as they source their main raw materials from the environment. The company also champions for human rights.
By buying nestle products; I have a strong feeling that I am helping the world become a better place. However little my contribution is, it goes to ensure that the issue of global warming is dealt with and that the environment is preserved for the future generations.
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