Comparing Agencies – Coursework Example

Comparing Agencies The United s Secrete Service (USSS) and the United s Customs and Border Protection (CBP), are some of the agencies that fall under the Department of Homeland Security at the Federal level.
Both agencies are alike in the sense that their heads are answerable to the Secretary of Homeland Security. Nonetheless, the two agencies differ when it comes to functionality particularly because (USSS) is tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding the financial infrastructure and the payment systems of the nations, thereby preserving the integrity of the economy. Similarly, (USSS) is responsible for the security of national leaders, visiting heads of states as well as designated sites and special security events.
On the other hand, the (CBP) has overtime been denoted as one of the largest and most complex agencies within the Department of Homeland Security. This is predominantly because the agency is tasked with keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the boundaries of the United States. Similarly, the agency is in control of trade and travel within the United States, and is particularly tasked with ensuring that U.S regulations regarding critical issues such as immigration and drug use are enforced to the letter.
In my capacity as a DHS official, I hold the opinion that several policies and strategies have been implemented to improve the Department since 9/11. One such approach is the active involvement of both the states and local administrations in disaster response and counterterrorism operations. Consequently, I hold the opinion that the DHS is well constituted, though its structure should undeniably be open to alterations depending on future developments.
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