Computer & Network Hardware – Coursework Example

Computer and Network Hardware Importance of a switch in a network A switch is a network hardware whose function is to connect the various network components and devices such that they remain interlinked with each other. One of their main importance is that they are able to bring a connection between different network types such as ATM, Ethernet and various others. On a network a switch can also function as a router in this case it is used to transfer and forward data packets between the various networks. Switches can also be connected between different MAN or WAN routers for the purpose of performing performance analysis.
The Need for routers in a network.
These are devices that forward packets of data between networks and in the process creating an interlink between the networks. The routers may serve to be of importance because in some cases they acts as firewalls and in the process providing the network with security from hackers and other malicious individuals. The router also several users to be connected to the network at a single time through only a single connection.
Collision Domain
This refers to a section on the network where data packets may collide with each other especially in the event that they are being sent over repeaters or other media that is shared.
Broadcast Domain
This refers to a division of a network which is logical in nature whereby all the nodes on the network can be in a position to communicate with each other through broadcast.
Network Segmentation
This is the process of splitting a network into subsections in this case sub networks with the intention of boosting security and increasing the performance of the network.
A collision domain in this case may be brought about when data is being transmitted over a repeater.
On the other hand an Ethernet repeater is a network hardware that can be used to bring about broadcast domain segmentation.
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