Computerized Accounting Software And System – Coursework Example

Computerized Accounting Software There are various different kinds of computerized accounting softwares available in the market such that they allow various different features which make them unique to each other. In case of a small business, hundreds of accounting softwares are available which can easily fulfill the requirement of a particular business. This memo identifies three accounting softwares that are common to all small and new startup business however they have some defining features as well as so deficiencies. These softwares are: 1) BS1 Accounting, 2) Quickbooks Online, and 3) TurboCASH.
BS1 Accounting
This software is designed especially for small and new businesses and has the following advantages: (Free Accounting Software, n.d.)
1) It provides a compact view of the software such that each accounting head can be viewed and worked with ease.
2) This software allows the automatic currency translation especially for import and export related business.
3) Original sources of transactions can be viewed on a single screen along with the general ledgers and subtotals of a specific accounting head.
Quickbooks Online
This software is quite famous due to the following advantage: (QuickBooks Online, n.d.)
1) This software need not to be downloaded as it can be worked with online portals.
2) It saves time such that the accounting and financial reports can be generated with one click facility.
3) Tracking the source documents for a particular head is quite easy especially for tax related purposes.
TurboCASH software has the following benefits. (Turbo CASH, n.d.)
1) This software is allowed GPL i.e. General Public License such that anybody can use this software free of cost.
2) This software is open source accounting software with full accounting features.
3) It is considered to be one of the most powerful accounting software with the features of Comprehensive Creating, Recording and Reporting.
Well, it is recommended that TurboCASH software should be used as it provides the most powerful features as well as it has the GPL license. This software is also free of cost thus providing a better opportunity to transfer the manual accounting data to the computerized system.
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