Conflict Styles And Tactics Discussion – Coursework Example

Harris Kamran Communication Discussion Paper 8 July Conflict Styles and Tactics Discussion Theother day, when I ordered food in KFC, it came out to be cold. Although their policy clearly states that I can return cold food and demand a replacement, when I went to the counter, the salesman there talked to me quite rudely and unprofessionally, and told me that he did not have time for this as he had a lot of orders to fill. I tried approaching another salesman, but his response was just as cold as the food. I had two options then. Either I could’ve demanded to meet with their manager, narrated the entire episode to him and got them reprimanded for their unprofessional attitude, or I could’ve chosen to remain silent about it, taken by tray and be seated, especially since there was a long queue of customers starting to build behind me. I chose the latter.
The technique I applied was avoidance with culture. Although some might view it as a weak approach to problem-solving, or cowardly (McCorkle, 2002), I believe it was the best approach to take under the circumstances. Firstly, the relationship (McCorkle, 2002) of customer and salesman is not of such high accord that I should have taken up a fight. Secondly, a lot of people were waiting to be served; creating a scene there would have further delayed their orders and caused them inconvenience. Thirdly, the issue itself was not so critical or of such high importance that I should have aggravated it further by taking it to the higher authorities.

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