Connection Between Theory And Practice – Coursework Example

Relationship between grand nursing theories and application to clinical practice Basavanthappa (2007) asserts that theory without practice is unimaginative, and practice devoid of theory is visionless. It is for this reason that McEwen and Wills (2014) acknowledge that practice and theory are reciprocally associated. Nursing theory provides a vision from which to define the “who” and “what” of nursing and when required (Parker & Smith, 2010). In essence, theory is paramount to effective nursing practice and research. Because of the efforts to enhance nursing practice, numerous theories emerged. In reference to Basavanthappa (2007), grand theories consist of concepts demonstrating complex phenomena. Grand theories offer an overall framework for structuring of nursing interventions. For instance, a well-defined body of theory such as Orem’s Self-care grand nursing theory offers better patient care, guidance for research and education and enhanced profession status for nurses (Orem et al., 2003). Additionally, since the primary proponent of nursing-caring-cannot be assessed, it is significant to have a theory to evaluate and explain what nurses do.
Grand nursing theories offer a framework through which situations are examined. Professional nurses use grand theories to collect, organize and categorize patient data and understand, scrutinize and interpret patient’s health conditions (McEwen & Wills, 2014). Notably, theoretical concepts from grand theories guide all the stages of nursing processes, including planning, adoption and assessment of nursing care, while also delineating the desired reactions to care and outcomes of care (Basavanthappa, 2007).
The primary concept of a grand theory such as the Self-Care theory directs each of the procedures of nursing care (Orem et al., 2003). The concepts of this theory serve as groupings to the nurse in establishing what information is significant and should be gathered to assess and formulate nursing diagnoses.
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