Course Reflection Letter – Coursework Example

ENG 201 Reflection Letter This has been very beneficial to me mostly because I am an international At the beginning of the course, I did not know how to write since my English was jumbled up and my grammar skills were poor. Since my career will depend on my level of English, I decided to undertake this class with the main aim of ensuring that I would succeed in my career ambitions. Although it was challenging at the beginning of the course, my English began to improve after taking this class. My writing skills began to advance mostly due to the assignments that the tutor gave us. One of the most challenging assignments that I worked on was the research proposal. However, I managed to complete it mostly due to the help that I gained both from the class and from the tutoring center. The tutoring center mostly helped in building my confidence as well as my study skills. I visited the center multiple times because it acted as a good resource for improving my writing and overall skills in ENG 201 class. I enjoyed various articles that include but not limited to “What’s in your Christmas Ham?” by Rep. Louise Slaughter and the video on “What’s Wrong with School Lunches” by Ann Cooper. In addition, I enjoyed the food problem article, which enlightened me to become more cautious on the types of foods that I should avoid. I do not have any instance or article that I disliked throughout the class although almost all activities proved challenging for me. As a piece of advice to the students who are considering taking this class, they should always practice outside of the class using websites such as the tutoring center for better understanding.