Critical Issues In OD From The STIMS INSTITUTE – Coursework Example

Critical issues in OD Critical issues in OD The issue of organizational development is important in determining the success of an organization. With this in mind, this article has its fair share of merits and fallacities. One advantage is that is enables individuals to understand the concept of organizational development. It indicates that OD focuses on aligning an individual with the organization thus creating a favorable environment for the individual and the organization. Second advantage is that it outlines what organizations should do to attain their required organization development. It indicates that to achieve OD, customers and organization need to understand the concept of binary economy. The other advantage is that it indicates that OD requires communication since this is very important in every aspect of the organization to succeed in its objectives and goals. The other advantage is that the article indicates that the difficulties facing OD. This is a good move for organizations to know what to do in case their organizations are stuck with no observable development on their part.
One fallacy observed is that the article indicates that OD is a profession that is poorly defined with no given borders. It indicates that nowadays commercial standards are dominating the issues of OD. The article should not generalize this for all organizations since they are some organizations more concerned with their customers’ satisfaction (Cummings & Worley, 2014). It also gives contradicting information due to the issue of generalization. It indicates that organizations today are configured globally. However, there are organizations like the McDonald’s and Wal-Mart that are not affected by the given issues of organization global cultures and other management styles.
Cummings, T., & Worley, C. (2014). Organization Development and Change. New York: Cengage learning.