Cultural Diversity – Coursework Example

Cultural diversity Cultural diversity Cultural Diversity One aspect that gives rise to cultural diversity is the racial identity we belong. Whether the culture we associate ourselves is considered superior or inferior group, our racial identity not only creates negative relationship with others but also a reason for inequality. Understanding and clarifying social norms of other racial identity leads to a better relationship and eventually patch up social distance.
Americans have varied social norms to include reciprocity where it is expected that if someone had given you something, you have to do the same in return. Social norm when inside the elevator dictates that you face the door and remain silent for the rest of the ride which is different from my current racial identity where we are allowed to discuss and even laugh inside the elevator. Other social norms of Americans include smoking cigarette among young adults of all sexes during parties. Compared to my racial identity, cigarette smoking is considered a taboo most especially to women who smoke. People raise their eyebrows and even avoid young adults who smoke as a sanction in going against the norm. Smoking is considered a deviant behavior. If partying is a part of American culture, in my culture it is considered a show off.
To survive prejudice or discrimination and be harmonious with the society, tolerance towards others must be applied. Tolerance is an attitude of willingness and to consider without biases views opinions, and situations with which one is not in complete sympathy (Garcia, 1984). Being perceived as a desirable virtue, it could be an answer to problems of the society including social discrimination. For instance, we need to endure diverse undesirable customs, beliefs and conditions under certain circumstances. In like manner, people who are tolerated must exercise tolerance to those who discriminate them. Over all, tolerance serves as a control.
Garcia, M., (1984). Sociology: Focus on Filipino society and culture. National bookstore.