Current Event – Coursework Example

According to Mill, individuals only view the world from the views of social s such as peers, families, and friends. Through the socialization process, individuals find themselves viewing the world in a similar manner as those they socialize. According to Mill, it is important to expand one’s view of the world and have a critical view of how the world has the potential to affect the society. For example, events such as natural disasters have the capacities to affect the society and its history. If anyone intends to understand the biography and history of society, then it is important to have an expanded view of how the world affects the society (Mills and Gitlin 45). For this reason, Mill views social imagination as the capacity of an individual to utilize information that surrounds him or her and develop a pattern of reasoning. It is important to understand personal biography by considering the current global events.
For example, unemployment is becoming a problem for many individuals. For some time, I have been viewing unemployment as a personal problem. However, after reading Mill’s social imagination, I have become aware that the economic challenges affecting the society have resulted in the increasing rates of unemployment. Therefore, I have come to realize that unemployment is a factor that affects the entire society and is the outcome of history (60). Therefore, the issue of unemployment has implications for both the rest of the society and me. For this reason, I can understand that unemployment is a challenge in the current world, but is not a constant problem to myself.
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