Deaf Understanding Reaction – Coursework Example

Deaf Understanding Reaction The draws several comparisons between the deaf world and Harry Potter. Like the wizards and witches are born to muggle parents and muggle children are born to the witches and wizards, likewise deaf children are born to perfectly hearing parents. The two differ from each other substantially in several aspects including culture. This is, by all means, a very interesting article wherein unique comparisons have been drawn between Harry Potter and the deaf children. Both Harry and the deaf children have a culture that is extremely different from that of their parents. Both Harry and deaf children learn from their peers and are very content with their belongingness to a different culture. “Neither Harry nor Dumbledore seems to want to go back” (Czubek and Greenwald 448). The wizards and witches want to have children that are also wizards and witches. Similarly, deaf parents want to have deaf children so that they can share their culture with them. Just like the parents of deaf children support their children, the parents of wizards and witches are also supportive of their children. The author compares magic of the wizard world to the signed language that is used to convey and get messages from the deaf people. To summarize the whole argument, the author has provided numerous points of comparison between Harry Potter and the deaf children and has provided objective reasons to validate his arguments. The in-depth analysis done by the author in this article is extremely important particularly since it plays a role in promoting English literacy as well as ASL. Using such articles, we can show the adults as well as children that there are new ways of owning the stories while their life experiences are celebrated.
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