Define Evidence-based Practice – Coursework Example

EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE IN NURSING affiliation: Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing Evidence based practice in nursing practicerefers to a conscientious and judicious use of the most recent and best evidence in conjunction with clinical expertise and the ethical values as guidelines in making decisions concerning healthcare. The best evidence include empirical evidence obtained by carrying out random trials so as to maintain objectivity. Also, the use of information from sources such as case reports and expert opinion is another way of obtaining this evidence. After gathering sufficient research evidence, the practice is then guided by the research evidence together with patient values and clinical expert knowledge. In some cases, research evidence may be insufficient and therefore the decisions on healthcare will be based on evidence that is drawn from non-research methods, such as scientific principles and expert opinion. To the nurses EBP means that they have to research on the ailment before making a diagnosis. Furthermore, EBP infers that nurses have to be proactive in finding current knowledge and combining it with patient values and clinical expertise to provide quality health care services to their patients.
The EBP climate in the current area of practice is a concept that is currently being advocated for all nurses. The practice has been successful in treating conditions such as asthma, diabetes and heart failure. However, these practices are not often implemented in delivering care and variations in the practice are common. Traditionally, research on patient safety focused on identifying safety issues and demonstrate how EBP can improve the quality and safety of patients. The current practice is putting into use what is learnt from research to improve patient safety. This process is achieved via the implementation of the evidence based safety measures identified through research. The EBP program is implemented and practiced by involving all the nurses and the entire organization. Senior nurses are expected to pioneer the practice by being role models. The organization supports the practice through funding it and policy formulation to ensure that it is practiced in the entire organization.