Deliverable – Coursework Example

Psychology Psychology As a matter of fact, lesbianism, gay, bisexuality and transgender are psychological issues that need to be addressed. The existence of lesbians, gays and people with interests and passion for transgender is a clear indication of how diversified the society is. Although different people might hold different views concerning these issues, I would like to emphasize that they are more of individual choice. Everyone has a chance to make the right decision on exactly what to do about them. After all, some might be out of choice or naturally endowed like bisexuality.
Therefore, since the society is not static, it is evidenced that there are a lot of changes that might occur to these issues as time goes by. The first major change I foresee in them is that they will become more popular with many people. Although many people might not openly accept to be associated with lesbianism, gay and transgender, I predict that time is soon coming when no one will be ashamed of practicing any of them. I make such a prediction because I feel that these issues will soon gain acceptance in the general society. Once this happens, it would no longer be unethical and unlawful to engage in lesbianism, gay and transgender.
In conclusion, I foresee that lesbianism, gay; bisexuality and transgender will become normal activities in the society. The dynamics of the society will not allow people to develop any stereotypes against them. So, nobody will fear or feel ashamed of expressing their passion for lesbianism, gay or transgender. They will become normal activities just like any other.