Design For Manufacturer – Coursework Example

In the given scenario, we are required to design and manufacture a display plate that will be able to show the and logo of the company. The most appropriate method of manufacturing the display unit in this case is the manufacture of acrylic signs. The resulting display unit will comprise of an acrylic signs panel that displays the details of the company both during the day and at night.
Before embarking on the process of manufacturing the display unit, it is important that one takes into consideration the two important variables that are very fundamental to the unit which include the size of the display panels and the quality of the acrylic sheets. In order to design a fully functional display unit, a number of materials will be required including: acrylic sheets, vinyl, glass panels and dye filters. The materials will be assembled to complete the process of manufacturing.
The process of manufacturing begins with the production of acrylic sheets. These sheets are normally formed by reacting a monomer with catalyst mainly organic peroxide in a process known as polymerization. In this process, both the monomer and the catalyst are put in a mold whereby the reaction takes. A method known as batch cell is used since it is capable of producing acrylic sheets ranging from 0.06 inches to 6.0 inches in thickness and from a minimum of 3 feet wide to hundreds of feet wide. The resulting sheets are transparent, brilliant and clear. The required letters for the company’s logo will be reverse printed onto pieces of vinyl and then applied firmly to the acrylic sheets through the process of combination of water and pressurized treatment. The completed panel of acrylic will then be cut to the desired size with an edging tool that is diamond tipped in order to avoid scratches and cracking of the plastic. The printed acrylic panel is then mounted into the glass model and mounted on the wall. Acrylic sheets offer a number of advantages over other materials for display since it is easy to shape, it is more durable, it can withstand weathering and is resistant to the effect of yellowing (Baird & Ronald, 2006).
While designing and manufacturing the display unit, it is important the following factors are put into consideration. The display unit should be well protected using a strong glass that cannot be easily broken. This will prevent any type of damage occurring on the unit hence increasing its life span (Smith & Edward, 2004). The quality of the acrylic sheets and the protective glass should be of high quality so that the logo and name of the company that are displayed remain visible both during the day and at night and tolerant to all weather conditions (Chapman and Hall, 2005). The size of the display unit must be large enough and appealing to catch the attention of potential clients from both close range and long range.
From the discussion, the acrylic display unit can be well designed and manufactured using the process described above. The process used in the manufacture of the unit is less expensive and produces quality products hence deemed as the most appropriate approach.
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