Design Process And Redesigns – Coursework Example

Winning a new audience while preserving old and loyal readers is one of the constant goals every magazine deals with. Entry points in a magazine layout usually serve as those attention-grabbing and familiar elements every reader looks for in a print publication to choose articles further. For many readers the color and the type of typography of the entry points is a clue to recognizing their favorite piece of reading or changing it for a new one. For example, the auditory of Esquire is accustomed to their black-and white sophisticated headlines on the cover and it must instinctively react to the similar publication with the similar layout and entry points. It is exactly the case when the “book” can be judged by its cover. While magazines like People use multicolored titles of random typography along with striking celebrities` photo to attract attention to their sensational titles and to create certain mood in their readers. Thus, I don`t think that reinventing such a comfortable for both readers and magazines thing as entry points will contribute to a printed press popularity. Entry points serve as some stable visual concept of a magazine for faithful readers and are inevitable for potential readers who want to pick a magazine quickly and not to make a mistake. Therefore, the audience is a primary thing that has to be taken into account when creating entry points.
Redesign can be useful for the magazines which got lost among other publications on the market and do not have their particular style anymore. When readers got stuck choosing one of similar looking publications with similar topics, and their choice is random, there is a need for redesign as there is no more unique visual concept that defines a magazine. However, for some publications which do not need to attract new readers because they have made a name for themselves already it is necessary to stick to the well-known design.
I don`t think there exists strong connection between the increase in digital publishing and the concepts of layout applied for a published press. These are two different reader experiences which are based on opposite ideas so maybe only in future printed publications will have to adapt to a growing number of digital press. For online magazine as for any other it is important to attract readers so the entry points in digital publication must function in a similar way.