Detecting Counter Arguments – Coursework Example

Detecting counter arguments Affiliation Detecting counter arguments Fischer in his article “defending collegiality” he explains the importance of having good relationships between colleagues in the work place (Fischer, 2009). However, although he is extremely against bullying and other forms of harassment in the workplace he does seem to make a counter argument about the position he holds in relation ensuring that there is equality in the workplace. For example, he states “ collegiality may be muddled with the expectation that a faculty member display enthusiasm or dedication evince a constructive attitude that will foster harmony and display an excessive deference to administrative or faculty decisions (Fischer, 2009.p. 20-25).” For most people collegiality is ensuring that there is good relationship between colleagues in the workplace that can only be fostered by dedication and harmony. However, according to Fischer although he defends collegiality he seems to indicate that these are not important factors that are required to ensure that there is equality in the workplace.
He further adds that such expectations are flatly indicating that they are contrary to the elementary ideologies of educational freedom. However, in my opinion although the elementary freedoms have been created to protect the faculty members to discord from the judgments of administrators and colleagues, it is their duty and obligation to ensure that there is harmony and display of dedication (Shah, 2012). This is because without harmony in the workplace then the administrators will not manage to get the objective and goals set for the organization. Therefore, it is clear although Fischer is defending collegiality he seems to find himself on the other side. In that, he does not actually work out a concept that should be implemented to ensure that discrimination and bullying are outdated between the colleagues in the workplace.
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