Dicussion – Coursework Example

Teacher Human capital One of the indispensable human capitals that I have is creativity. Creativity is the ability to create from something or the ability to find a new solution or process to an existing problem. Creativity encompasses a lot of things that transcend beyond the arts but also in business organization where this human capital brings in fresh perspective and innovative ideas to make the business more productive.
When I selected a major, I considered my interest and strong points. But I must admit that one of the reasons that I went to college is to have a better future by getting a good job. It would be difficult to have a good future if one does not even have a good education. But of course I also would like to be educated, have friends and have fun in school just like any college student.
When I took an online course, I learned another human capital which is discipline and perseverance. Discipline is the will to get things done despite any difficulty. Perseverance is the will to pursue such as getting an education. They should go together with education because education alone cannot accomplish things if one does have the discipline and perseverance to get things done.
Human capital is not only acquired in school. Every time we learn something new, it adds up to our human capital because it enhances our capability. It does not have to be a formal skill such solving mathematical formula but even appreciating intangible qualities such as appreciating the value of hard work adds up to human capital.