Discuss About Any Potential Resource Conflicts On Case Study – Coursework Example

QUESTION "Discuss the potential resource conflicts" By of the of the School
This case study offers an insight into the project management issues and possible solutions. However, considering the magnitude of the project and the provided completion time frame, there was significant vulnerability to resource conflict. Heathrow Airport serves over 20 million passengers annually and this translates to consistent mass flow of people and goods in all terminals. The proposal of Terminal one upgrade within the provided short deadline poses obvious conflict in respect of resources and their use. At the center of potential resource conflict is the budget against time. Critical evaluation of the project explores multiples of challenges that range from massive human capital need, technological demands, and health risks among others. Besides, the size of the terminal and the 40 years lifespan since it was built posed refurbishment approach challenge with particular emphasis to redesign and work in progress while the flights and passengers schedule go uninterrupted.
It is worth to note that the tender award process and other relevant logistics to kick start the project required immediate attention. This would come at an extra cost due to attempt to compress time (Schwindt & Zimmermann,2014,pg.131). Bringing on board many and highly qualified contractors, advanced machinery and timely updating of stakeholders for evaluation and monitoring of the terminal during its refurbishment automatically shifted financial budget of the project to greater scales. There are other factors of limited work space but time versus budget offers the potential conflict considering the other strict financial budgetary allocation for the project.
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