Discuss How Evidence-based Practice Is Applied In Your Practice Setting And Describe The Desired – Coursework Example

Evidence- Based Practice in Nursing School: The nursing sector has since 1992 gradually adopted the full use evidence-based practice to for patients with different conditions (ANA, 2013). Through this practice, nursing has been able to avoid the generalization and misinterpretation of symptoms of various diseases. Old methods of disease and patient monitoring have been abolished and, new research-based procedures have been put in place to enhance quality health care. The nurse scientists designed an ideal Evidence-Based Practice models that have to date, been strictly observed guidelines.
The first framework of Evidence-Based Practice that has been fully utilized by the nurses is the Research and knowledge conversion. Here, upon observation of particular disease symptom, the nurse questions the patient in carrying out research to collect adequate evidence. This evidence is then transformed into knowledge whereby, a disease is identified based on the obtained results of the research.
Another model is about the strategic and the organizational change theory that has always enhanced the adoption of new knowledge obtained from the researches. The new knowledge from a specific finding is shared with the rest of medical fraternity during departmental meeting or in the annual conferences. This helps sensitizing the whole nursing body on a particular health matter and also gives them an opportunity to make any inquiries.
The Evidence-Based Practice in nursing has helped the doctors, through the nurses, to give the right treatment to patients with unclear conditions. This practice has also, to an extent, minimized the misdiagnosis of certain diseases. Patients have had easy time sharing information about their conditions with the nurses and therefore, have been able to get the right medicine that works well for them.
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