Discussion – Coursework Example

Social Media Influences Number Social Media Influences Social media has changed the global culture by transforming the way in which people and organizations interact and share values. Today, parties meet on social networking sites and share experiences with members from one’s social circles, provided there is an Internet connection. Physical meetings which were previously the benchmark of limited cultural mix and assimilation have become largely obsolete and replaced with the online instant messaging tools available on social media. Unlike 25 years ago, today’s political leaders, business entrepreneurs, organization staffs, religious organizations and members of a family can socialize quite easily without having to spend money and time arranging meetings in expensive physical locations, which initially proved very difficult for those who wanted to meet their associates scattered around the world.
Social media has made people more connected and less connected at the same time. Whereas it has made individuals from around the world technically and more easily available online, it has limited physical interactions hence the loss of personal connection which used to exist before the technology became common.
Social media has impacted the consumer culture by bringing products and services closer to consumers by virtue of marketers who target the huge potential of the masses using the platform. Through shared consumer reviews of various products and services on social media, new consumers are more equipped to make more effective choices when making purchases than before. The new consumer culture has increased competition among manufacturers and has in return created better, higher quality of services for consumers. Despite these benefits, some countries ban or limit social media in order to control criticism of government over poor leadership. The strategy is believed to force a more responsible posting of updates on social media for access by other social media users.