Discussion Board – Coursework Example

Discussion Board Discussion Board The parable that I enjoyed most while reading the Gospel of Luke was the parable of the sower, which is in chapter eight of this book. The way in which this story of the shower is told is amazing. Additionally, there are great teachings that Christian believers can draw from this parable. It is easy for any believer or anyone reading this parable to relate what he or she get from this chapter to the real life situation. I could create some mental pictures in my mind as I begun reading this chapter. Jesus tells of this man who goes on to plant his seeds. Unknown to him is that some of his seeds fell along the way as he continued with the journey to where he was to plant them.
Amazingly, it comes out that these seeds fell on different grounds. While some fell on the path others landed on a rock. Surprisingly, Jesus tells that the seeds represent different groups of believers. First, he points those that fell along the path did not grow since individuals trampled on them, and birds ate some. In a fascinating manner, he relates this to those believers who receive the gospel but they lose the message faster. I like how he likens the seeds that fell on the rock, which he says represent a section of believers who do not listen to the word once they receive it and thus, it dies. In addition, there are some seeds, which fell among thorns while others landed on good soil. Once again, I loved how states that those that fell among thorns is a representation of believers who receive the gospel but get distracted by their worldly possessions. I enjoyed reading this chapter as Jesus concludes with the seeds that fell on good soil.